A coach for everyone

In English  · Published 07.03.2018

Annina Peisa has started working as Executive Vice President in Destia’s new Special Construction unit. The new business unit will take under its wing Destia Rail, specialising in railway construction and maintenance, and Destia Engineering, specialising in foundation and engineer construction. Additionally, the energy infrastructure, rock construction and aggregates business units will be a part of it.

Annina Peisa describes herself as a people person, a coaching leader.

“The systematic nature of operations really drew my attention to Destia. Things are conducted in the same way throughout, all the way to the construction site. At Destia, room is given to people as well and opportunities for development are provided.”

Peisa is also pleased at the fact that Destia employs people with various backgrounds.

“It’s very important in this industry, which has traditionally been very closed off. The industry needs to become more versatile in order to develop, especially now that digitalisation keeps on becoming a bigger thing.”


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