Ahlström Capital, an active owner

In English  · Published 03.10.2017

Hans Sohlström,  CEO of Destia’s owner Ahlström Capital, estimates that Destia’s turnover and profitability could improve significantly.

“From the owner’s perspective, Destia currently looks like a company that has gone through a long transition period, from a state-owned company to a private enterprise. Destia’s turnover hasn’t yet reached its targets, so we are expecting significant improvements in company turnover and profitability.”

“Values are essential to companies, as they create the basis for the entire corporate culture. This means high ethical requirements that apply to the operations of the company’s board, management, other personnel and co-operation partners.”

“Destia’s values – achieving goals fairly, boldly and skillfully – are the foundation of the company’s decision-making and operations. They create the stability needed for continuity and for reliable operations. In everything it does, Destia is fair to its personnel, customers, partners and other stakeholders. The operations are transparent, and we work according to the principles of fair competition. We comply with all the applicable contracts and obligations. The people of Destia boldly and skillfully carry out sustainable infrastructure solutions, from planning and design all the way to implementation and maintenance.”

“One of Destia’s greatest future challenges will be strengthening its position in growth centres, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area. It requires that Destia draws fully on all its expertise. Another challenge is thriving in a world of new procurement and implementation models. The needs and expectations of Destia’s customers show the way for developing the company’s operations.”

“Ahlström Capital’s objective is that Destia becomes a clear leader on the Finnish infrastructure market. To achieve this, Destia must become the most cost-competitive actor and most attractive employer in the field and best supplier for customers,” Hans Sohlström says.


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