Big Picture

In English  · Published 16.10.2018

Mika Anttonen has built a Nordic energy business worth billions of euros, practically out of nothing. Most of St1’s revenue is produced by fossil fuels. Paradoxically, Anttonen uses this income in working towards a fossil fuel-free future.

“There are a hundred billion tonnes of carbon in the atmosphere. Reducing this amount is a priority in terms of the bigger picture of combatting climate change. We must build carbon sinks, in other words, plant forests. The oil company Shell has calculated that to bind the carbon surplus in the atmosphere, a minimum of 700 million hectares of new forests is required.”

“We must re-think our attitudes towards energy consumption and climate change. A global vision on how to limit and manage the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is needed. Building carbon sinks makes more sense than increasing the proportion of biofuels in fuel production. Companies trade on their emission rights. What if we were responsible for binding the carbon dioxide we emit?”


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