Green builders

In English  · Published 16.10.2018

A small stream runs between banks set with round stones and planted with delicate perennials. We are in Kankaa, the fastest growing residential area in Jyväskylä, just 1.5 kilometres from the city centre.

Foreman Tea Leppänen and site manager Riikka Venäläinen are walking along the bottom of the 100-metre long and 5–10-metre wide channel. Surface waters in the Kankaa area are directed into this storm water channel.

“We’ll plant over 2,000 perennials here. Fully grown, they will cover the bottom of the channel. The plants will filter impurities and nutrients out of the water before it runs into the Tourujoki river. There’s not much water now, but after some heavy rain the water surface can reach the top of the banks,” says Leppänen.

The construction of the Kankaa storm water channel has kept Leppänen and Venäläinen busy since early summer. Halfway through August and the project is nearly completed.

“A few shrubs and a couple of trees are yet to be planted along the channel.”


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