Kettumäki bridge

In English  · Published 17.09.2015

The bridge over the main railway in Kettumäki in Hämeenlinna was completed after eight months of work. The old bridge was demolished because it would not have endured the strain from the new articulated vehicles that may weigh up to 76 tonnes. Space was reserved for additional railway tracks under the new bridge.

“The Kettumäki overhead bridge and the roads affected by the construction site were opened to traffic around one month ahead of schedule. After opening the bridge, we carried out some finishing work in the area, such as lighting and drainpipe installations and turfing,” says Site Manager Asko Markoff from Destia.

During the construction work, alternative routes were used for the traffic on Pälkäneentie and Tampereentie, which runs under the bridge. The old Kettumäki overhead bridge was available for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the project.

The demolition of the old bridge was the greatest challenge in the project. Its superstructure was divided into three sections, which were removed one by one using a 500-tonne crane.


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