National Road 5

In English  · Published 23.02.2016

The conditions are freezing near Mikkeli in South Savonia, Finland. National Road 5 is being expanded into a four-lane road over a distance of four kilometres. The contract also includes building nine new bridges, renovating two old bridges and upgrading three interchanges.

The temperature is -20 °C, but everything is progressing on schedule. The road construction
project started in September 2014. It has a total value of EUR 22 million. If everything continues to progress at the current pace, the project will be completed almost a year ahead of the original schedules set by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Harri Korhonen, Destia Project Manager, Eastern Finland Business Unit, says:

“We knew as early as in the tendering phase that our operations would enable us to complete the project well ahead of schedule, and we informed the Finnish Transport Agency about this.”

Practically no rock excavation work was needed, which facilitated rapid construction but also meant that aggregates needed to be brought to the construction site from other locations. The exceptional features of the project include groundwater protection.

The entire contract has been designed and implemented using Building Information Modelling (BIM), which allows for smoothly running, high-quality work on schedule. BIM is a relatively new operating model in major road construction projects. It makes the construction work easier and offers the client an opportunity to monitor progress in real time.

“This is a pioneering project,” says Hannu Nurmi, Project Manager at the Finnish Transport Agency.
Destia was selected to implement the project also because of its experienced employees, sufficient personnel resources and quality reporting model.

Destia prepared implementation models based on the project plans for each machine operator.
“This operating method is very convenient for machine operators. We expect all of our partners to be familiar with this method,” says Aki Loikkanen, Site Manager at Destia.


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