Porvoo Motorway

In English  · Published 23.02.2016

Large-scale urbanisation in Finland began in the 1960s. In terms of infrastructure, this meant a need for larger and faster roads, which were sometimes built very rapidly.

Today, European route E18 runs from Turku to Vaalimaa in Finland. Its first section was completed in 1971, and it was gradually expanded into a motorway.

Also known as the Porvoo motorway, it complies with the standards of its time. However, even today, drivers can still feel the scarcity of state subsidies for the project from more than four decades ago.

The motorway was built in accordance with the standard cross-section and was modern when it was completed. Unlike the motorway from Helsinki to Turku, which was the first motorway in Finland, the Porvoo motorway was straight, not winding.

The effects of cost cuts and a rushed schedule soon began to show. Even though the ground was soft in the coastal area and needed reinforcement, massive pile slabs were deemed to be too expensive. With the exception of bridges and bridge embankments, the mass replacement method was chosen instead, and the first depressions appeared in just a few years.


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