Preserving biodiversity

In English  · Published 03.10.2017

Infrastructure and construction industry want to contribute to preserving biodiversity. Decreasing biodiversity is a threat similar to climate change, and one that we can help to tackle through small steps in our everyday life.

Destia’s Quality Manager Kari Kotilainen says that Destia takes into account nature in its operations. The company follows the principles of sustainable development, but operating methods can always be improved.

Previously environmental issues focused mainly on reporting emissions and monitoring environmental effects. Now, however, the focus can be as specific as safeguarding the habitats of individual plants and animals.

Maarit Salonoja, Environmental Manager of Destia’s Aggregates unit, says that the aggregates operations can help conserve and improve the habitats of many animals and plants.

The official obligations of landscaping should be partly renewed, because current sloping and reforestation practices are not always optimal for biodiversity. Vertical rock walls or unsurfaced gravel slopes can provide a habitat for more plants and animals than traditional landscaping practices.


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