Seven facts about planning

In English  · Published 23.02.2016

Seven facts about excellent planning at Destia:

1) First meetings lay the foundation. The designer finds out what the client wants, when the plan needs to be completed and how the planning work will continue. The client explains their vision.

2) Destia assigns people to the project, and the project team holds its first meeting. Responsibilities are divided, schedules and goals are reviewed.

3) The biggest challenges include determining a realistic schedule and setting the right goals. Schedules are often further specified.

4) The geotechnical design unit at Destia, among other units, uses group discussions and open dialogue based on mutual trust as a planning method in its projects. As a result of immediate interaction, young designers learn faster than before from their more experienced colleagues.

5) Planning work with a strong customer focus is based on the client’s specific needs. As well as complying with standards, the design must meet the client’s expectations.

6) By further developing model-based design, Destia is able to design cost-effectively and fulfil clients’ wishes.

7) Ideas may occur at the breakfast table or even in a sauna. Not all planning work is carried out at office desks and meeting tables. Planning work is demanding, but resolving difficult technical issues is rewarding.


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